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Passive wireless temperature measurement system

l Introduction

Main application

The passive wireless temperature measurement equipment is designed of the latest microprocessor, digital signal processing technology and SAW technology. It can be used to monitor the high-voltage electrical equipments online to replace a large number of traditional infrared, optical and active wireless temperature measurement equipments. Also, it may provide scientific basis for the maintenance and repair of the high-voltage electrical equipments.

The SAW temperature sensor of our passive wireless temperature measurement equipment is based on the temperature measuring principle of surface acoustic wave. It efficiently solved the problems of safety, reliability, stability and practicability of traditional temperature measurement technology, because the temperature measuring method of our equipment is passive and wireless.


Product features

l   Dual 32 bit system of large system redundancy; The collection of temperature uses the 32 bit DPS processor produced by TI which can run the program and data inside the chip; Fast running speed; High reliability;

l   Use Modbus protocol, which can communicate with the background to monitor the temperature and alarm threshold online;

l   Wireless transmission with high security;

l   SAW temperature sensor with small size can be installed conveniently and will not be influenced by the structure and space of the switchgear;

l   SAW temperature sensor works with passive method, which needn’t be maintained after successfully installed;

l   SAW temperature sensor can work at strong magnetic, high-voltage electrical and dusty separation;

l   The frequency used to measure the temperature with low transmission power doesn’t need to apply. The frequency used by the whole system is around the ISM partitioned by ITU. There’s no coincidence with ISM so that it can avoid the interference of ISM.


Measuring principle

Use the SAW filter with special design, when there is a fixed frequency wave input to the SAW filter, the radio signal frequency that outputted by the filter output will change with the environment temperature that the filter feels. Using this characteristic, we can figure out the environment temperature by collecting the output frequency of the filter, achieve the purpose of measuring the environment temperature. The SAW filter has the advantages of passive, monotonous, good repeatability, good linearity.

l  Main technical indexes of the product

.1            Basic technical indexes



Index value

SAW sensor




±2  resolution 0.1

sampling communication unit


one collector attached with 3 antennas, each antenna can control 6 sensors, so that one collector can control 18 sensor in total.

collector working temperature


collector working humidity

under 90%

collector antenna port

3 SMA ports

collector size


wireless transmission distance


sampling period 

about 200ms

 power source

DC 12—24V @500mA

data transmission protocol


power port

spacing of 5.08mm, European terminals

communication port

serial port RS485, spacing of 5.08mm, European terminals

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